Ryze Tello – Xiaomi Mi 2 Wi-Fi Repeater

To significantly increase the range of the Ryze Tello, it is recommended to use a USB Wi-Fi repeater with a power bank. A WiFi repeater also improves the video quality of the Tello. One of the most popular Wi-Fi repeaters for the Tello is the Xiaomi Mi. In this tutorial I will show you step … Read moreRyze Tello – Xiaomi Mi 2 Wi-Fi Repeater

Ryze Tello – Best Controller

Of course, the Ryze Tello can only be controlled with the smartphone. Personally, I find it much more comfortable to fly the Tello with a controller. In this post I present you the best Ryze Tello Conroller. GameSir T1d The GameSir T1d is a great controller. It is very easy to connect to the smartphone … Read moreRyze Tello – Best Controller

Set up Ryze Tello Pix-Link Repeater

Probably the most popular USB Wi-Fi repeater for the Ryze Tello is the Xiaomi Mi 2. However, since you need an extra app for the Xiaomi Repeater and additionally a registration with Xiaomi is necessary, I prefer the Pix-Link USB Repeater. The Pix-Link Repeater is identical to the Richer-R and the Bewinner Repeater. In this … Read moreSet up Ryze Tello Pix-Link Repeater