Ryze Tello – Xiaomi Mi 2 Wi-Fi Repeater

Ryze Tello – Xiaomi Mi 2 Wi-Fi Repeater

To significantly increase the range of the Ryze Tello, it is recommended to use a USB Wi-Fi repeater with a power bank. A WiFi repeater also improves the video quality of the Tello. One of the most popular Wi-Fi repeaters for the Tello is the Xiaomi Mi.

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to set up the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Repeater for your Ryze Tello.

Equipment required

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Step 1 – Xiaomi Home App

  • Download the Xiaomi Home App from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store and install the app on your smartphone.
  • Start the app and register if you don’t already have an account, or log in to your existing account with your access data.
  • Important: If you have not changed the network name and password of the Tello, you must do this before using the Xiaomi Mi 2 Repeater.
    Changing the password makes sense for your own security. It is even more important to change the network name of the Tello, since the Xiaomi Mi 2 Repeater cannot be connected to a network that contains a hyphen (-) in the network name.

Step 2 – insert new device in the Xiaomi Mi 2 app

  • Turn on the Tello and wait for the Tello network to build up.
  • Now start the Xiaomi Home app while your smartphone is connected to the Internet and not to the Tello’s WiFi.
  • As soon as the Xiaomi Home App is started, connect to the WiFi network of the Tello.
  • If the smartphone is connected to the Tello network, you can switch back to the Xiaomi Home App and then click on “Add new device“.

  • Select the Xiaomi Mi 2 from the list and click on “Next
    Important: Under certain circumstances it may be possible that the Xiaomi Mi 2 is not available to you, then it is not available in your country. To solve this, you have to specify in the settings of the Xiaomi Home App that your location is China.

Step 3 – set up Xiaomi Mi 2 repeater

  • Now connect your Xiaomi Mi 2 Repeater with the USB port to a power bank.
  • The Xiaomi Mi 2 Repeater is not yet recognized, but this is not a problem and is simply due to the fact that the repeater and your smartphone are not in the same network. (This is the point at which many users experience difficulties. You simply have to note that we do not integrate the repeater into a home network as intended, but into the Tello network)
  • Simply follow the instructions on the screen and reset the Xiaomi Mi 2 Repeater, for example by pressing the reset button with a needle or a toothpick for approx. 4 seconds. (This is not mandatory, but so we make sure the Xiaomi Mi 2 is reset to factory settings and there can be no problems with the next steps)

  • You can then connect the Xiaomi repeater to the Tello network. To do this, select the Tello network, enter your password for your Tello network and click on “Next“.

Step 4 – Connect to the Xiaomi Mi 2 network

  • Now you can connect to the newly created Xiaomi Mi 2 Repeater network. Go back to your smartphone’s WiFi settings and select the Xiaomi network.

  • Then go back to the Xiaomi Home app. The app now clones the WiFi network of the Tello. Again, you will get an error message, but that’s okay. Just remember: We do not connect the Xiaomi Mi 2 in a home network with the Internet, but only with the WiFi network of the Tello.

Step 5 – connect smartphone, repeater and Tello

  • Go back to the WiFi settings of your smartphone and connect to the cloned network of the Xiaomi Mi 2 Repeater. The network always has the name of your own Tello network and as an attachment “_plus“.
  • The password for the cloned network is of course identical to the password you assigned for the network of your Tello.


The configuration of the Xiaomi Mi 2 repeater for your Tello is now complete. To use your Tello in everyday life with the repeater, always carry out the following steps in this order:

  1. Turn on Xiaomi Mi 2 (connect to a power bank)
  2. Switch on Tello
  3. Wait for the Xiaomi Repeater led to light blue
  4. Connect your smartphone to the cloned Tello_plus WiFi
  5. Start the Tello app on your smartphone as usual

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