Ryze Tello – Best Controller

Ryze Tello – Best Controller

Of course, the Ryze Tello can only be controlled with the smartphone. Personally, I find it much more comfortable to fly the Tello with a controller. In this post I present you the best Ryze Tello Conroller.

GameSir T1d

The GameSir T1d is a great controller. It is very easy to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. However, the GameSir T1d has a big disadvantage compared to many other controllers, because it can be connected only to the smartphone and not, for example, with a computer.

GameSir T1d Controller – Link to Amazon

GameSir T1s

I personally like the GameSir T1s best. It has the same features as the GameSir T1d and can also be used with other devices such as a computer.

GameSir T1s Controller – Link to Amazon

GameSir F1

The GameSir F1 controller has a different design than most controllers and is only suitable for smartphones with a disply size of 4.5 to 6.5 inches.

GameSir F1 Controller – Link to Amazon

Steelseries Nimbus

The Steelseries Nimbus is also compatible with the Ryze Tello. Personally, I have only seen this controller in use with a Tello, but have not tested it myself yet. Therefore, I can not make any further statement about this Controllen.

Steelseries Nimbus Controller – Link to Amazon

Playstation 4

The Playstation 4 controller is also compatible with the Tello. A big advantage is that this controller may already be present in the household. A disadvantage is that you can not attach the smartphone to the controller.

Playstation 4 Controller – Link to Amazon

Playstation 3

Even the Playstation 3 controller can be connected to the Tello, It knows the same pros and cons as the Playstation 4 controller.

Playstation 3 Controller – Link to Amazon


The xBox Controller can also be used with the Tello. This controller also has the advantage that it may already be present in the household, and the disadvantage that you can not attach the smartphone directly to the controller. It is nice that you can buy the xBox Controller also in white, matching a white smartphone.

xBox Controller black – Link to Amazon
xBox Controller white – Link to Amazon

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