Ryze Tello – Best USB Wi-Fi Repeaters

Ryze Tello – Best USB Wi-Fi Repeaters

Since the Ryze Tello is controlled via its own Wi-Fi network, the range is of course limited. To increase the range, it is recommended to use a USB Wi-Fi repeater.

Thanks to the power supply via USB port, such a repeater can also be used in a very comfortable way by using a power bank as the power source.

The gain is useful in addition to increasing the range but also in areas where there is strong interference from other Wi-Fi networks.

In this post I would like to introduce you current USB Wi-Fi repeaters, which you can use with your Ryze Tello.

Xiaomi Mi 2

Probably the best known and very cheap Wi-Fi repeater is the Xiaomi Mi 2. This repeater is available for a few euros on Amazon. With the slim design and with antennas integrated in the housing, it will fit into any transport case. What bothers me personally about this USB Wi-Fi repeater, however, is that you have to register to set up at Xiaomi and create an account. This is not necessary with other providers.

Xiaomi Mi 2 – Link to Amazon


I highly recommend the Richer-R Wi-Fi Repeater. I use this wi-fi repeater in a converted form for my long range flights. Configuring the repeater is very easy and the repeater gives me a remarkable range. Currently the Richer-R repeater is my absolute favorite and I use it with my Tellos in everyday life.

Richer-R – Link to Amazon

Beimaji Extender

The Bajmaji Trade Extender is also great for the Ryze Tello. I have achieved very good results with this Wi-Fi Repeater, but it costs a few euros more than comparable products from other suppliers.

Beimaji Extender – Link to Amazon

Bewinner Repeater

Another alternative is the Bewinner Repeater. Since I did not have any personal experience with this repeater, I can not give any further details. Optically, the repeater is identical to the Richer-R Repeater.

Bewinner Repeater – Link to Amazon

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